Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wasted Days?

It finally happened. My body decided to make welcome that yucky stomach flu that has been making the rounds this winter. Mind you, it didn't ask my opinion before it threw open the door and said 'come on in'! It simply waited until I went to sleep Friday night and let it in. I awoke Saturday morning feeling miserable, hoping that maybe -just maybe - I was mistaken and it was just queasiness from the allergy/sinus junk that has been hanging around for a couple of weeks. When the first sips of coffee hit my tummy, I knew better.

So much for my weekend plans. Which included getting to hang out with two of my grandchildren Saturday while their parents were at work. My husband got to have them all to himself while I stayed upstairs to keep my sick body and germs away from them. I could hear the fun downstairs and I spent some time having my own little pity party. Here was a day of my life that I couldn't buy back, even if I were to be the richest woman in the world. A day in the life of my grandchildren that I was missing. Poor me :-(

As with most of my pity parties, God didn't let me stay there and enjoy it for long! I heard Him ask me, "How many times do you let your 'to do' list rob you of time to be spent with those I've given you?" OUCH! I had to admit that too many times I let the captivity of activity steal my focus and allow the tasks to take first place instead of giving my best to my family and friends. Or in some instances, I choose to do something that is self centered rather than making time for others. It is all too easy to do.

Don't get me wrong. There are a certain amount of tasks that must get done. I know I can't just spend my time smelling the roses, holding hands with my husband, playing with my grandchildren and hanging out with friends. It was a reminder that I must work at finding balance, always putting God first, then my family, friends, and others. For me that means not getting so absorbed in my to do list. When asked to take on another project, I need to take time to pray about it and then wait to hear God's answer. Not all projects, no matter how good they are, are meant for me to do. And if I am faced with an immediate choice of finishing a task or taking time for my precious loved ones.....well I need to ask myself, "Which will be remembered in 10 years?"

What about you? Does your mountain of chores to be done consume too much of your time? Do you feel like time and patience for those sweet little ones or that special man in your life are in short supply? Have a special way of making time for family and friends? We would love to hear from you!

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