Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What happened to Suzy Homemaker?

First, let me tell you how thankful I am for my sweet hubby - that hubby who doesn't complain that I haven't cooked a meal all week. Who ate take-out food for 4 out of the past 5 nights and that one night? Well, the home cooked meal was provided by dear friends we visited on Sunday afternoon! Granted, I have been a bit under the weather this week and have spent more time snuggled under a blanket with a heating pad for my achy back than thinking about cooking. But it does make me wonder what happened to my inner Suzy Homemaker?

It's not that I hate to cook. In fact, I love to cook. I have my own mental cookbook filled with dishes that I can whip up without so much as thinking about a measuring spoon. On the other hand, I love to browse through magazines and cookbooks for new recipes to try. Since doing the whole Weight Watcher thing a couple of years ago I have become much more aware of the ingredients I use and have even been paying attention to (and learning!) the positive aspect of choosing organic foods. I conjure up all kinds of ideas about what I could cook or bake. It's just that Suzy is missing.

And it is not just cooking. I mean this whole cleaning house thing - like who decided it was so important to dust the furniture every week? And why doesn't that kitchen island that morphed into a catch all for everything just clean itself, for goodness sake. Geez, I do keep the laundry done - hey I do realize the need for clean clothes! Just please don't expect me iron them too! Suzy would do that but....yeah, she is still missing.

What about those other warm & fuzzies like getting family pictures organized, maybe even into a scrapbook with journaling to preserve our stories. Maybe even getting some of those photos in frames and hung on the wall to enjoy. My, oh my, do I ever miss Suzy. Wonder where that gal ran off to!

Wait a minute. I think maybe she didn't run off after all. I think she just is lost in the web of my disorganization and procrastination. Hmmm, wonder if I can find her? I'm betting I can but it will take a bit of work on my part. Like planning our evening meal menu for next week before I grocery shop this weekend and then stick to it. Try one of those new recipes this week. Complete one scrapbook page. Choose one task that I have proscrastinated the most or longest about and just do it!

Yep, I'm thinking that Suzy just may resurface around here. Maybe not the old Suzy, but a version that looks more like Molly who has a full schedule with family, work, church ministry and friends.

What about you? Are you a Suzy Homemaker or does it make you tired thinking about it? Would love to hear from you!


Wednesday, October 21, 2009


What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear that word? Is it weather/climate seasons? Possibly that could be the number one answer. After all, we are smack dab in the middle of the colorful season of fall.

Others may think about Bro. Greg's sermon series, Seasons of Life. He has touched on seasons of loneliness, discouragement, and more.

I also think about seasons of life. Those seasons that are marked by where we are in life. Like college student; young single professional; newly wed; mom of preschoolers; mom of adolescents; mom of teens; single mom; empty nester; widow; many descriptions for the numerous seasons of our lives.

Some seasons are like spring. New life sprouting everywhere, tenderness and warmth. Others are like summer. Hot, sweaty, and a riot of color. Yet others are like fall. Life slowing down to an easier pace. Time to enjoy the harvest. And then there are the winter seasons. When everything seems to be dark and dreary, cold - icy, even.

At one time or another, we all experience each of these seasons.

Right now I am in a fall season, enjoying the harvest of grandchildren. We just spent several days in Indianapolis visiting our newest grandson, Isaiah, along with his big brother, Lincoln, and their dad & mom. We got some good snuggling time with the little one plus spent lots of time spoiling (oh, I meant playing with) his big brother. The time went all too quickly and now we are back home with cherished memories and lots of pictures. It was good to get back to Hopkinsville to see our three grandchildren here. Gosh, how I missed them while I was gone! It's that 'want my cake and eat it too' syndrome. No matter which kids I am with, I am missing the other ones! I am treasuring this time y'all, because I know that tomorrow life could take a turn, thrusting me into a not so happy place.

I see it happening all around me. People with deep hurts. Friends battling huge health issues. Marriages falling apart. Jobs lost. Death of loved ones. Life is not always happy. Or good.

But, oh sweet friends, God is always good. He always loves. He always comforts. He promises to never leave us, to never forsake us. He promises to guide us if we seek Him and listen to Him.

Some seasons cause us to burst out in praise and thanksgiving. Others drive us to our knees, crying out to Him and asking WHY? There are times when, in our pain or anger, we turn away from God. But He is always there.

He enjoys our praise. He understands our anger, our questioning, our pain. He loves us through it all.

I don't know what season you find yourself in right now, but I encourage you to keep your face turned toward God. Praise Him for all that He has done for you, pour out your frustrations, ask your questions, give Him your tears. He wants it all! The good, the bad, the pretty and the ugly. He loves us deeply. He walks with us through every season and will lead us through this journey until we are home with Him.

I pray you feel His touch today.


Thursday, October 8, 2009

Defiance, Texas & why I've spent time there

I've been visiting some folks in Defiance, Texas off and on since August. I was first introduced to them through Mary DeMuth's first novel of her Defiance Texas Trilogy, "Daisy Chain". You may remember that was the book I just couldn't put down during one of my weekend R & R's.

Most of the time when I get to the end of a good book, it leaves me wanting more. The characters in the story have become real and I want to know what else happened in their life. Such was the case with "Daisy Chain". I wanted to know more about Daisy's momma, Emory. And about Hixon, the kindly man who seemed to live his life as a 'Jesus with shoes on'. Mystery and intrigue lingered over Defiance like fog on a rainy and humid summer day. I wanted to see the sun shine again! In "Slow Burn", her second book in the series, Mary DeMuth weaves the magic of her storytelling, taking us deeper into the fabric of Defiance and the people who live there. Brief shafts of sunlight begin to burn away the fog. Some questions are answered while others...well, let's just say there has to be a third book so we can wrap up the rest of the loose ends!

If you like good Christian fiction and good mystery stories, I highly recommend you read both "Daisy Chain" and "A Slow Burn", then anxiously wait with me for the conclusion. You can find both books at To find out more about Mary visit her website at

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Idols - Not Just American

Idol: Anything we put before God in our lives.

I've read devotions about it. Heard sermons about it. Beth Moore talked about it in her "Living Proof Live" simulcast in August. Then during our revival a couple of weeks ago, there it was again.

I know that God is really trying to get my attention when the same subject/Scripture/issue keeps coming up from varying sources. Usually it means that I need to search my life to see how it applies to me. Most of the time I don't need to search long because God is really good about revealing my areas that need working on.

Girlfriends, this whole idol thing covers a lot of area. Did you, like me, check off multiple descriptions on the revival handout covering 'love of self, love of pleasure, love of money, and love of ? Now I confess that for a moment I thought, 'Hey, not too bad. There are more unchecked than checked.' God didn't let me get away with that for very long - actually I think it was less than a nano second before I heard Him say, 'Even one is too many.'

So this is where I am parked for a few days. Really looking at the ways my life bears out the truth in my heart. Asking Him to quickly convict me when my attitudes, thoughts, and actions are born from love of anything or any one but Him. Easy? NO!! Worth it? Oh, yes!

We were created by Him and for Him, for His glory. For that to happen it must be...

...less of me and more of Him. That is the process of being conformed to the image of Christ. As His follower, what else could I want?

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