Thursday, October 8, 2009

Defiance, Texas & why I've spent time there

I've been visiting some folks in Defiance, Texas off and on since August. I was first introduced to them through Mary DeMuth's first novel of her Defiance Texas Trilogy, "Daisy Chain". You may remember that was the book I just couldn't put down during one of my weekend R & R's.

Most of the time when I get to the end of a good book, it leaves me wanting more. The characters in the story have become real and I want to know what else happened in their life. Such was the case with "Daisy Chain". I wanted to know more about Daisy's momma, Emory. And about Hixon, the kindly man who seemed to live his life as a 'Jesus with shoes on'. Mystery and intrigue lingered over Defiance like fog on a rainy and humid summer day. I wanted to see the sun shine again! In "Slow Burn", her second book in the series, Mary DeMuth weaves the magic of her storytelling, taking us deeper into the fabric of Defiance and the people who live there. Brief shafts of sunlight begin to burn away the fog. Some questions are answered while others...well, let's just say there has to be a third book so we can wrap up the rest of the loose ends!

If you like good Christian fiction and good mystery stories, I highly recommend you read both "Daisy Chain" and "A Slow Burn", then anxiously wait with me for the conclusion. You can find both books at To find out more about Mary visit her website at

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