Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Time to Rest

Running in high gear the past few weeks, resting was something I was doing in short bursts. Yes, even resting was done in 'bursts'! By Saturday afternoon, I was tired. Not the rewarding kind of physical tired that results after a high level workout or afternoon of gardening or yard work.

No, this was the emotional, physical, mental tired that went to the core. The kind of tired that says "Stop the world and let me off for awhile." After wrapping up a WM Leadership Team planning meeting around 1:00, I ate a quick lunch with my husband and then crashed on the couch for a nap. Two and a half hours later I woke up! Supper? No way was I cooking so we went out to eat. Back home I relaxed on our patio with a good book. (Daisy Chain by Mary's great!) Nothing else on my agenda that evening. Sunday afternoon? Another nap after church and lunch. By then I was feeling revived enough to be 'Suzy Homemaker' and cook my husband's favorite Sunday dinner - fried chicken. I even baked brownies for dessert. By Sunday night I was feeling much better. Ready to get back on the spinning world and continue with life.

I'll let you in on something. This gal's guilt gene kicks into overdrive when I take time out like I did this past weekend. I hear words (not really, just thoughts) like lazy, slothful, non-productive. (Jennifer Rothschild's new study, "Me, Myself & Lies" is helping me deal with that issue.)

I love the way God prepares me for something before it happens. For the past few weeks I have come across several writings about God's provision of rest, His mandate to rest, and the importance of rest. He knew I was getting ready to hit the wall yet again and He knows how hard it is for me to rest without guilt. So this weekend I savored my rest as a gift from God. I enjoyed reading a good book, sitting outdoors just soaking up the sweet fresh air, even enjoyed cooking that dinner. I do love to cook when I don't feel rushed to get it done between other tasks in my agenda. And Monday morning? Well, I can't say I was ready to hit the ground running. But I was ready to work again, ready for whatever and whoever He wanted to bring into my life that day.

Rest. It is something I know I must plan for. It is something this list making, over achieving, God's girl is going to allow time for.............without guilt!


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  1. Molly! I know the feeling! I often feel guilty for resting but I've come to realize that this is required - it's needed. And, when I rest in the Lord, I feel sooooo much better. Great post!


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