Sunday, November 29, 2009

The After Thanksgiving Glow

It's the Sunday night after Thanksgiving and I feel more stuffed than any turkey that graced a table on Thursday. Every year it's the same. I look forward to all of our traditional dishes and then eat like I will never ever have that food on my table again. I always seem to cook more than we can possibly eat, knowing that everyone is tired of leftovers long before the weekend is over. This year was no different! Friday evening we shared a Hoptown tradition with our out-of-state relatives -- Ferrell's burgers! A yummy treat to offset all the turkey and dressing. Can't say that it was the healthiest of meals but hey, what is healthy eats this time of year?

So now I sit here in the after glow of time spent with family and again count blessings. My brother fought a battle with cancer this year and won. My sister-in-law continues to deal with serious health issues but drew on strength from our Lord to make the trip. I am thankful we had another Thanksgiving to sit down at the table together.

A new grandson, just seven weeks old, brought the number of grandchildren to five. Along with my 11 year old great-nephew, needless to say 'quiet' was not something you found in our house for a couple of days! But what fun to watch the cousins have time to play together. My niece & her husband brought gingerbread cookies for them to decorate (and eat) plus a fun placemat craft project. (Thanks, Andrea & Terry, for helping create special memories for the kids!)

I know that it is easy for us to take time to give thanks at Thanksgiving. After all, the whole reason we have the holiday set aside is because our forefathers took time to thank God for His provision after surviving their first year in this new country. What is not so easy is to cultivate an attitude of gratitude that continues throughout the year. Every year I hear comments around Christmas time from folks who 'wish we could have the spirit of Christmas all year.' It's the same with Thanksgiving. Our natural tendency is to pour it all out for a few weeks every year and then go on with our crazy lives. I don't want to live like that any more. I want to live out a true attitude of gratitude every day of my life. I want to live my life so that others see the Spirit of Christmas that lives within. I encourage you to do the same!

I pray that you are also basking in the afterglow of Thanksgiving. Pause right now and thank the Giver of it all. And when we get up in the morning, let's make it a point to continue to thank Him for everything He allows in our lives.


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  1. Hey there Molly, Thanks for being so open and honest with your comments. I'm grateful and know many of us feel the same way. I pray you will see those "interruptions" as opportunities.
    Enjoy the Thanksgiving after glow!!


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