Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finding Suzy

You know that God is trying to get your attention when the same theme keeps popping up. If you are like me and struggle with time management, check out the Girlfriends and God devotion from Oct. 29, 2009, entitled 'Time-Friend or Foe, Part 2'. Good tips on how to retrain our focus.

As for Suzy, she is visiting. I 'co-cooked' two meals this weekend! Hubby grilled brats and I fixed the sides yesterday, then today he cooked blackened fish on the grill (too smoky to cook indoors) while I fixed roasted red potatoes and cole slaw. We enjoy cooking together so I felt like Suzy was reasserting her flair. I also tackled one of those tasks that I had put off for too long - clean out the freezer. Y'all things climb into my freezer and hide! I found stuff that had been hiding for two years. (I did warn you that I procrastinate.)

In his sermon this morning, Bro. Greg talked about temptation, the importance of turning away from it and turning toward God. I have determined that procrastination is one of those areas of temptation for me. I can easily live out the motto "It can be done, it should be done, it will be done...tomorrow!" To overcome this temptation in my life I believe I must deliberately choose 'do', not 'wait to do'. Procrastination is a thief of precious time and time is not a cheap commodity.

So I ask you to help me. Hold me accountable. When you see me, ask me how I'm managing my time. Celebrate with me when I get it right and pray with me when I'm struggling. I promise I will do the same for you if you want me to. After all, we are on this journey together!


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