Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mid-week or "hump day"?

Which of these terms do you use to describe Wednesday? For many years I have viewed it as 'hump day'. My favorite local weatherman describes it as "huuuuuuuuuuump day"! No matter what term we use, most of us look at Wednesday as the halfway point to the weekend. Halfway through our work week and looking forward to time off. Making plans for all that we are going to do once Friday evening rolls around.

Today, however, I had a different thought. I was reminded of what my high school Spanish teacher told us when we seniors could talk about nothing but graduation. He said, "Don't be so focused on something that is months (then weeks) away. Live today. Don't waste your life by focusing on the future so much that you miss today." At the age of seventeen I just didn't grasp what he was telling us. Sure, I listened but I didn't practice the wisdom he was trying to teach us.

As the years passed, I came to realize the magnitude of what he was saying. I do try to live each day in the moment. But I also find myself longing for the weekend. In times past I rationlized it with the excuse of a stressful job, demanding boss, cranky co-workers. But now I don't have any of those excuses. I have a job with little stress, bosses and co-workers who are kind and compassionate. We work as a team. Yet I still fall prey to the habit of marking my week by how many more days until the weekend.

Ouch! Marking days that will never  pass again. Days that are filled with opportunities that may never come around again. Each day closer to the last day, the last breath. None are to be wasted. As long as I draw breath, God has a purpose for me here. And one thing I am sure of...His purpose does not include a 'living for the weekend' mentality.

So today is not 'hump day'. It is a wonderful Wednesday. Blessed by messages from God through His word and through the small group Bible study I am currently participating in. Blessed by morning coffee time with my husband. Blessed by conversations with my son and granddaughter currently living with us. Blessed by an unexpected visit from my grandson who asked his Papa, "Can we go surprise Mama?" Blessed with opportunities to love and to share.

Every day is a gift. May we live our days fully in that truth.


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