Sunday, October 31, 2010

Simple Blessings

As another weekend draws to a close, I am sitting here thinking about God's simple blessings. In the midst of a challenging life storm, I am choosing daily to look for the rays of sunshine. I find they are always there if I am looking for them. This weekend my sunshine rays included a visit from my WVa family, watching my oldest granddaughter get ready for her senior homecoming dance, sharing candy and taking pics of three grandkids as they had fun with trick 'r treat, and simply enjoying a restful Sunday afternoon with no agenda (no cooking either, it's leftovers tonight!)

Everyday God showers me with simple blessings. But I have to look for them and then take time to savor them. It is easy to let my focus stray to the storm, to hear the wind and see the waves. But just as children's fears and anxiety can be removed by drawing their attention away from the storm, so are my fears, worries, and anxiety removed when I place my attention on God.

If you are in a life storm right now, won't you join me in looking for God's simple blessings every day? Our storms may not go away soon, but we must remember that God is in control of the storm. He wants us to allow Him to complete His work while we rest in His love.

What simple blessings did God bring to you today?

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