Friday, January 29, 2010

A Red Pen?

Do you remember getting a report back from an instructor with red pen comments and marks all over it? Maybe you spent hours laboring over it and when you turned it in you thought it was a great piece. The reality of the red pen was disappointing.

Don't we use that red pen on ourselves, though? We want to change the story of our life and out comes that red pen.

It could be that we use it in a positive manner with the goal of improving in a certain area. For instance, it may be as simple as striking out 'eat fast food' and changing it to 'cook healthy meals'. When we are looking to the future, a red pen is not always a dangerous tool for us to wield.

What got me to thinking about this? Well, I've been following a series by Holley Gerth ( titled "The Rest of Your Story". In one of her posts she discusses the use of a red pen and how God is really the only One wise enough to accurately utilize it to help us write the rest of our own story. One thing she mentioned in that post that really got my attention was how the same characteristic can be used for benefit or detriment. It depends on who (or Who) is guiding the behavior. Her comparison to the Apostle Paul before and after Christ came into his life almost jumped off the page when I read it.

In the past different jobs required that I take personality tests/surveys. The one that made the most impact was the one that pointed out how the same personality trait can be viewed positively and negatively. Usually people with the same trait will view me positively. Those with the total opposite trait will tend to view me negatively. That knowledge has helped me improve interpersonal communication, especially when it comes to working in teams. However, Holley's example of the same trait before and after Christ made me reconsider how I am to live out the rest of my story.

Instead of trying to control the red pen by second guessing how others perceive me and becoming consumed in that dance, I will instead simply allow the Holy Spirit to guide me and trust God to fully use me just exactly as He created me. I am giving control of the red pen to Him.

Which makes me even more excited about the rest of my story.

What about your story? I encourage you to check out the entire series that Holley has written. I believe you will be both challenged and encouraged by what you read!


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  1. Beautiful post, Molly! Thanks for sharing your heart!


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