Sunday, January 24, 2010

What's moisturizer got to do with it?

Mornings are a challenge for me. As in 'my brain doesn't wake up until after 2 cups of coffee' kind of challenging. And even after that first jolt of caffeine, I'm still not running on all 8 cylinders. So you'll understand how I managed to forget to put on moisturizer. Well, maybe you'll understand. I'm still trying to figure it out myself. I mean, I have my routine down y'all! Shower, lotion up the body and slather moisturizer on my face while it's still damp, dry my hair, brush my teeth, get dressed and then put on makeup. I've followed the same sequence for so long I was beginning to believe I could do it in my sleep. (Now that would be a great way to capture a few more zzz's!)

And morning this week I got to the last step of the routine, putting on makeup, and my foundation was just not cooperating. Instead of gliding over my skin and blending to a natural glow (that's what those beauty magazines tell you it should look like, right!?), it was blotchy - definitely not blending. My skin felt dry and the resulting look was anything but a natural glow. It took only a moment for me to realize I had forgotten to use moisturizer. It was apparent that without the foundation of smooth skin brought about through the use of moisturizer, no amount of makeup was going to make me look any better. I simply would not be able to achieve the look (results)I was used to getting.

My walk with Christ is a lot like that. Just like I must daily prepare my face by using moisturizer, so must I prepare myself spiritually by spending time with Him, reading His Word and taking time to hear from Him. If I don't, my spirit becomes dry and parched. I respond to difficult people and stressful circumstances in ways that do not show Jesus living within me.

Now before you start to think that I am being all preachy here about a daily quiet time and that I must have it all together to be able to do that, let me confess. I do not!! I struggle with being consistent with carving out morning time to be with Jesus. For this girl it is definitely not as simple as the routine I've developed for getting up, dressed, and out the door for work. I am SO a work in progress. But God loves me anyways. And He is all about giving me reminders of how important it is for me to spend time with Him.

Don't you just love it when He speaks to us through the little daily things in our lives?

May He speak to you today, right smack dab in the middle of your day. Keep your eyes open and ears alert. You just never know when He is going to show up. Like early in the morning when you really don't think you are completely awake yet!




  1. Okay - I can't hold it back...AMEN! I think we can all grow more by just spending that time with the Lord. Great post.

  2. Oooohhh this is good stuff! I love the analogy of the moisturizer.

    Keep writing girl!



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