Thursday, March 31, 2011


It has been one of those weeks. What started out as one of those days morphed into four days of... What? I really can't point my finger at any one thing, circumstance or person. All I can tell you is I feel like I got sucked into a blender Monday morning and haven't been able to get out since. Blend awhile, add ingredients and blend some more.

After four days I feel quite beat up. There have been moments when I wanted to scream, "STOP!" At others, I've had an overwhelming desire to run away. As in walk out the door, get into my car, and drive into the sunset. Don't pass go, don't stop to collect my $200, just drive directly out of town.

But I kept plugging away. Grasping each brief interlude of calm like a man who falls overboard grasps a life preserver. And then it was back into the blender.

Funny how we tend to think we are the only one going through a frustrating time. Then we start to talk about our day and soon we find another person in the blender with us. Or two or three.

Truth is we all get tossed into the blender at times.

It is not a nice place to be. It leaves us weary and bruised. Bone tired. Frazzled.

Now that I have closed out my work week and stand at the beginning of a four day weekend with family, I've had some time to reflect on this experience. All week I've been saying I feel like I've been tossed into a blender. Each time the pressure increased, I visualized food pieces being added to a blender. I was focused on the 'chunks of food' battering me, mentally shouting 'Ouch'.

And then I was able to REALLY be quiet for more than a few minutes. Time to ask God for His perspective and to listen for His answer.

What is the result when I toss varying pieces of food and liquids into a blender and turn it on? At first everything bumps into each other. As the food gets chopped into smaller and smaller pieces it begins to blend together with the liquid. When finished, I have a smooth and creamy sauce or smoothie.

That's what God desires for me. When tossed into the blender of life, He wants me to allow Him to chop up the hard pieces of me and blend them with His Living Water. The result? I walk through these times with His strength and His grace. I don't allow the frustration to cause me to boil over, spewing angry words or displaying a cranky attitude. He takes my churning emotions and creates a smooth display of His power to overcome the world.

I don't know that all of my reactions to the happenings of the week have been a display of Him. Most likely, they haven't. But I do know that He has been the creaminess this wound up tight spinning gal has needed to keep me sane.

Hummm...maybe blended isn't so bad after all!


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