Friday, March 11, 2011

Life Changed

I intended to write an article today outlining my reasons for wanting to attend the She Speaks Conference for writers & speakers. There was this contest, you see, with two fully paid scholarships at stake. My thoughts have been tumbling around all week in preparation for today.

And then...

life changed. For thousands of people. In minutes a devastating earthquake crumbled buildings and the resulting tsunami swept away buildings, cars and people. The death toll keeps climbing.

It is almost too much to bear. Yet I go back to the news reports to see and hear the latest updates.

And I pray.

...For those who are still alive but waiting for rescue. Dear God, please lead the emergency personnel to them. ...For those who have loved ones who are missing. Lord, calm them and fill them with Your peace. ...For those whose family member will not be coming home. In the midst of their grief, make Your presence known.

Yesterday the people of Japan lived out their normal routine. Dads & Moms went to work, kids went to school. They shopped for food. They cooked meals and ate together. They slept in their homes. Just a regular day.

We all do, you know.

Live each day as though tomorrow will be a repeat of today. Assuming we will get up and eat breakfast with our family, go to work and then return home. Taking for granted those precious moments. The people.

It could happen to any of us, this life changing moment in time.

It doesn't have to be an earthquake or tsunami. It could be an automobile accident, massive heart attack or possibly a violent crime.

In a second, life as we know it can be unalterably changed forever.

Today, my thoughts and prayers are with our global neighbors in Japan. They are also here with you and me. While we pray for those directly impacted by this tragedy, let us also pray that God will forgive us for taking His gift of life for granted. Let us pray that He will grant us mercy and allow us another day to tell our families how much we love them. To be a better neighbor. To be all that He desires us to be.

Most of all, to live fully engaged in His kingdom's work.



  1. Oh Molly - how true. We never know when we will draw our last breath.


  2. Oh Molly, I've been praying for the people of Japan as well. We are not promised tomorrow. But we can trust God.


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