Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tasty Tuesday - Pimento Cheese Spread

Pimento Cheese Spread
(found in the Heloise column in the newspaper 30+ years ago)


1 lb. Velveeta cheese (I use the 2%)
1 cup Miracle Whip (or mayo if you prefer)
½ cup very finely chopped sweet pickles
4 oz. jar pimentos

Grate the cheese over a large mixing bowl, using the large openings of the grater. Add half of the Miracle Whip, pickles, and pimentos. Fold to combine. Repeat with remaining ingredients.

The original recipe stated, “Once you make this I guarantee you will never buy store bought again…this is much better and will really save you money.” Many times I have tried recipes because they were ‘guaranteed’ to taste great only to be disappointed. Not so with this pimento cheese spread. I’ve never turned back to store bought!

*To further reduce cost, you can use the store brand cheese. I’ve used both and can’t tell the difference once mixed. Also, if you like your spread a bit drier, drain the pimentos before adding them.

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